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The Economic Impact of Montana Film Production: An Analysis of the Industry and the MEDIA Act

June 5, 2023 / Comments Off on The Economic Impact of Montana Film Production: An Analysis of the Industry and the MEDIA Act

The production of feature films, television series, and commercials can generate significant economic activity for their host communities, drawing out-of-town spending, generating jobs, and supporting local businesses. Because of this potential boost to local economies, many states provide incentives to attract productions as an economic development initiative. In 2019, the Montana State Legislature passed the […]

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The Future of Sustainability at Universities

September 27, 2022 / Comments Off on The Future of Sustainability at Universities

Here at ESI, we’ve long amplified the point that universities and hospitals have huge economic footprints, and that the employment hubs, procurement opportunities, and tax revenue generation they represent emerge from and are driven by the fulfillment of their deepest institutional missions. It is also true that these large-scale institutions have huge environmental footprints, and […]

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International Student Enrollment Resource

September 23, 2022 / Comments Off on International Student Enrollment Resource

Among many other effects, COVID has scrambled the enrollment and experience of non-domestic students at U.S. universities. Two-plus years into the pandemic, we continue to monitor the consequence of lockdowns, travel bans, and geopolitics on what had previously been a socially dynamic (and, particularly for some schools, financially lucrative) facet of on-campus life. While we […]

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Overseas Chinese Students at U.S. Universities – a Geopolitical Perspective

September 16, 2022 / Comments Off on Overseas Chinese Students at U.S. Universities – a Geopolitical Perspective

What are some major points to consider, or questions that we should be asking to gauge how well we as universities and institutions here in the United States work with Chinese students? Such is the primary focus of Dr. Benajmin B. Olshin in the following video. Dr. Olshin is a consultant and former professor of […]

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Universities and Hospitals Rubrics

September 9, 2022 / Comments Off on Universities and Hospitals Rubrics

University Environmental Scans in an Era of Unprecedented Uncertainty Demand is up for university environmental scans because institutions need to understand the shifting landscape in which they compete. Soaring student loan debt has caused students, families, and lawmakers alike to relitigate the value proposition and financial mechanics of paying for a four-year degree. A proliferation […]

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Summer 2022 Intern Interview

September 2, 2022 / Comments Off on Summer 2022 Intern Interview

With the summer quickly winding down comes one sure fact—many internships are winding down as well, and school is starting soon! To wrap up the summer, we wanted to sit down with a number of ESI’s interns to gather their thoughts on interning at ESI these past months, and inquire about their plans and goals […]

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