Economic Impact of The Discovery Labs and Innovation Sector Evaluation

The Discovery Labs is an enterprise-level life sciences and technology hub, developed by MLP Ventures to be the largest scale innovation campus of its kind in the Greater Philadelphia region. With the life sciences industry at the forefront and the cell and gene therapy sector a crucial part of this ecosystem in Southeastern Pennsylvania, MLP Ventures sought ESI’s in-depth experience to quantify the potential economic impacts of the proposed development project for their communications with stakeholders.

In conducting its research and analysis, firstly, ESI completed a thorough overview of the life sciences industry and the cell and gene therapy sector in the region with an evaluation of the growth trajectory in Pennsylvania. Secondly, ESI analyzed the operations of The Discovery Labs, demonstrating the economic benefits to the region of the significant direct new life sciences jobs projected to result from MLP’s substantial investment; and included analysis of the spillover impacts that help stabilize and stimulate growth in other employment sectors. Lastly, ESI included an assessment of the catalytic growth projected in cell and gene therapy clusters in the region and the state as induced by operation of The Discovery Labs.

Analytical Capabilities

  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Economic Development Strategy

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