Ocean City, New Jersey Economic Development Strategy

In 2019, Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) teamed with Parter International to provide economic development strategies for Ocean City, New Jersey focusing on the area’s tourism economy. The Mid-Atlantic resort town aims to foster conditions for self-sustaining, long-run growth in tourism and vacation visitation.

In its report, the ESI team analyzed Ocean City’s demographic and economic trends to understand how its experience and identity as a family resort destination had evolved over time. These findings were supplemented with national trends in travel preferences, social values, and consumer behavior. The team also engaged key stakeholders , residents and visitors through strategy sessions, surveys and site visits.

Our findings demonstrated that Ocean City’s core brand as a family resort destination is one of its most valuable assets from the perspective of residents, business owners, and visitors. The team found that this identity could be fortified while enhancing other aspects of Ocean City’s tourism product.

The team prepared a report that outlined the key takeaways from its analysis and put forth a number of recommendations for key stakeholders that addressed Ocean City’s specific strengths and needs in the context of local and national economic changes. The recommendations are geared towards helping Ocean City stay true to a timeliness brand, while responding to new challenges and opportunities associated with shifting consumer preferences and demographics.





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