Opportunity Lives Here: Economic Development Master Plan for Delaware’s Three Rivers Area

Opportunity Lives Here: An Economic Development Master Plan for Delaware’s Three Rivers Area is a comprehensive strategy to build the local economy of a distressed area that has key assets for inclusive growth. ESI led a team of land use planners and community outreach strategists in developing a master plan that is informed by implementable examples and presents real opportunities for equitable economic development.

ESI’s approach to developing the master plan for economic development for the Three Rivers Area is built on the themes of resilience, opportunity, and wellness. The area, which spans three jurisdictions in northeast Delaware, has a history of industrial and commercial development centered on transportation assets. Having long been stressed by disinvestment, properties in need of redevelopment are presented as key opportunities for adaptive reuse for high-growth business sectors and with an aim to meet the needs of residents. The area’s ready workforce coupled with workforce development opportunities, as well as a desirable quality of life and commerce-supporting transportation assets are highlighted as benefits for business and resident attraction.

The ESI team developed a series of actionable recommendations that are informed by the stakeholder engagement process, and case studies drawn from peer regions. Assessments of available land include summaries of land development regulations.

Analytical Capabilities

  • Strategic Planning and Facilitation
  • Survey and Primary Research
  • Geospatial Analysis and Data Visualization

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