Delaware Life Post Covid

ESI Principal and Co-Chair of the firm’s Board of Directors Dr. Richard Voith articulates how cities, towns, and rural areas should brace for lasting changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Using three scenarios, Dr. Voith explicates the future of cities by drawing a tangent parallel to Declining Urban Density, Return to “Normal”, and how Policy- and Tech-Savvy Cities Expand Their Reach. Dr. Voith also provides examples of how agglomeration of economies may lead to a significant rise in urbanized economies and may play a quintessential role in increasing income and economic well-being. He uses this theory to show how Delaware and Wilmington may fare in the long run and what other states and cities within the United State should do to ensure equitable sharing of economic output.

To read Dr. Voith’s full article published in Delaware Lawyer, click the link:

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