Findings of the New York citywide banking needs study ESI conducted for the city’s department of finance were highlighted in an article on

The article focused on the home loan application denial rates ESI found around New York with data from 2013. The average home loan denial rate in the city was 23 percent, but the average denial rate in The Bronx was much higher at 30 percent. 

The Bronx’s Fordham South Neighborhood had the highest denial rate at 60 percent while Brooklyn’s Windsor Terrace  had the lowest denial rate at 12.3 percent.

Since the data in the study was from 2013, some of the city’s more recent up-and-coming neighborhoods may not have had numbers reflective of their current status. In the article, ESI Director Daniel Miles spoke on that issue:

“Some of that might not be reflected in this data yet,” he said. “It might take another year or two to kind of filter into the data.”

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To download and read the report in its entirety, click here.

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