Macao Polytechnic Institute Professors Visit ESI

Visiting Econsult2On Tuesday, July 7,  Macao Polytechnic Institute professors Dr. Zhonglu Zeng and Dr. Changbin Wang visited ESI’s Philadelphia office to meet with ESI’s principals and staff and discuss the findings of the firm’s 2014 study on the current condition and future viability casino gaming in Pennsylvania.

Gambling has been legal in Macao since the 1850s, but, in recent years, Macao has been experiencing a decrease in casino revenue due to various challenges, including the opening of new casinos in neighboring countries, China’s anti-corruption crackdown, tourist restrictions and a potential smoking ban.

The professors were interested in ESI’s study as for how it details the effects casinos in Pennsylvania that have opened in the past decade have had on the struggles of Atlantic City and its casino industry. They felt they may be able to relate with the casinos opening up around Macau and wanted to learn more about Atlantic City’s situation and the current projects undertaken to transform the city.

Zeng, whose main academic and research interests are international economics and business administration, has published several books on gaming a tourism. His recent research includes the development strategy of Macao’s gaming industry, international benchmarking studies of small economies and strategic management for gaming corporations.

Wang has vast experience as a law expert for universities and government agencies. His research interests include gaming law, anti-unfair competition law and consumer law. His work in gaming includes work with corporate and competition rules, gaming credit collection and gaming industry regulation.

ESI hopes to continue working with the professors in the near future.

To download and read ESI’s 2014 Pennsylvania gaming study in full, click here.


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