Study says Schuylkill Banks projects are an economic engine

>The Potential Economic, Environment, Health, and Quality of Life Benefits of a Fully Connected Waterfront Greenway in Philadelphia (2010)>FULL REPORT
>The Economic Impact of the Schuylkill River Development Corporation Investment (2013)>FULL REPORT

Lee Huang is cited in PlanPhilly on Econsult Solutions, Inc. reports of the Schuylkill River project:

Huang, of Econsult, said that the initial impacts of building a riverfront trail and parks are no different than spending the same amount on any other project – it’s money pumped into the local economy through the purchase of labor and goods, and cycled again by suppliers making more product and workers spending their wages. “But what you are left with when you are done could be very different,” he said. Huang noted there is more and more literature on the economic benefit of trails, and the positive impact they have on property values.

“You see their usefulness in drawing both employees and employers to an area,” he said. “Increasingly, when people are looking for a place to live and work, or a place to relocate or expand their business, they are looking for a place where they can have outdoor amenities.”

And the trail along the Schuylkill – which Huang himself uses – “Is a really nice amenity that people enjoy.”

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