Medical Marijuana Organization Permit Applications

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has re-opened the application process to obtain a permit to dispense and/or grow medical marijuana. During this second round of applications, the Department intends to issue up to 13 grower/processor permits and up to 23 dispensary permits.


Submitting, or interested in submitting a Medical Marijuana Organization Permit Application? ESI is available to complete the Community Impact Section for applicants.
ESI provided the economic and fiscal impact portions for grower and retail license applications in Pennsylvania during the first round of permits. We analyzed the need of employment and job creation based on the economic need of proposed locations, and the localized economic and fiscal benefits of grower and distribution facilities. Our demographic, economic, and fiscal analysis will align with the Community Impact Scoring Matrix to support your application.


Select a combination of three analyses to support your application:
  1. Community Impact Analysis – including job creation, site selection, need for economic development, and priority points,
  2. Economic and Fiscal Impact of Facility, and/or;
  3. Infographics detailing the Community, Economic, and Fiscal Impacts.

For an initial discussion about your application, call 215-717-2777

For more information on our Solutions For Medical Marijuana Industry Investors, click here.

Take Action Now!
The deadline to submit applications is May 17, 2018.
We will have our section complete by May 14.

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