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Background & Experience

Al-Jalil Gault is an Analyst at Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI). Mr. Gault interned with ESI as a Research Assistant in July 2020 before becoming an Analyst at ESI in 2021. Al-Jalil provides expertise in quantitative planning methods and geographic information systems. He has extensive development experience with R Studio and JavaScript for statistical and research analysis.

Prior to interning with ESI, Al-Jalil worked with MIT to identify incidences of resilience in Boston districts related to emergency response management, flood plain overlays, civic services and electoral representation using GIS.

Additionally, he helped the University of Chicago research and explore relationships between homeless experiences, neuropsychiatric interview responses and standardized memory and learning assessments from urban youth. Al-Jalil has also interned with Gregory Ramón Design Studios as an architectural intern where he developed conceptual designs for retail products in suburban and airport markets.

Areas of Expertise

Geospatial Analysis

Statistical Analysis and Research

Computer Programming