Bonilla, Carlos-web

Carlos Bonilla

Senior Analyst

Background & Experience

Carlos Bonilla is a Senior Analyst at Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI). He joined the firm in 2016 as an Analyst. Carlos has experience working with industry standard GIS software (ArcPro and QGIS) and web tools (Leaflet and CARTO). He has built product visuals with standard web tools and frameworks (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) and open-source reactive frameworks (shiny and d3) for major corporate clients. Carlos also has extensive development experience with python and R languages for statistical analysis.

Prior to ESI, Carlos worked as a fellow for Azavea Summer of Maps, a program that pairs students with local and national non-profits to perform geospatial analysis. During his time there, he conducted research for The Food Trust and the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia to investigate food access and severe road crashes in Philadelphia.

In 2016, Carlos received his Bachelor of Arts in Geography and Urban Studies, with a minor in Environmental Studies at Temple University. Carlos is interested in economic and environmental issues in urban areas.