Connor, Gabi 2019 (2)

Gabrielle Connor

Associate Director

Background & Experience

Gabrielle Connor is an Associate Director at Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) where she assists in data analysis and econometric modeling.

Through experience at ESI, she has gained proficiency in IMPLAN, Excel, STATA, QGIS, Python, and Adobe. In general, she specializes in input-output modeling, economic impact analysis, project forecasting, market potential analysis, and housing price indexing to best suit clients’ needs.

Using IMPLAN’s input-output modeling system, she predicted the potential economic and fiscal impacts of numerous construction projects, large-scale events, and other organizations within the City of Philadelphia and across the country. Recently, she conducted an economic impact analysis for Morgan State University, which generates economic impact for the city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland.

Gabrielle has evaluated the potential impacts of government policies by applying her skills in both analytics and technical report writing. She has also assisted on litigation reports using research tools such as Esri Business Analyst and American Fact Finder. Additionally, she has helped ESI produce its quarterly housing price index and create a complete condominium index for the City of Philadelphia.

In May 2014, Gabrielle received her Bachelor of Science in Economics with a minor in Applied Mathematics from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. During her senior year, she was a fellow at F&M’s Local Economy Center. On a team with nine other students and faculty members, she conducted extensive research on Reading, Pa. Gabrielle’s specific research project, which she presented at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research in Kentucky, focused on the economic implications of migration to Reading’s increasingly populous inner-city neighborhoods.