Background & Experience

Ian D. Bowen is a Director at Econsult Solutions, Inc. Ian joined Econsult Corporation in June 2011, for its Summer Research Assistant program, and has been with Econsult ever since. Ian is experienced in econometric analysis and forecasting, input-output modeling, fiscal impact analysis, pro forma financial analysis, index construction, technical report writing, and various tools and services for analysis and research including Esri Business Analyst Online, EMSI, RSMeans CostWorks, and Bloomberg Professional.

Ian’s work with Econsult Corporation has involved economic and fiscal impact studies, tax and tax policy analysis and recommendation, public and affordable housing policy, nonprofit business planning and organization, market and market potential analysis, real estate, project financing, transit-oriented-development, international travel and tourism, labor market analysis, and many other subjects.

Prior to ESI, Ian worked as a research assistant to Dr. Maria Olivero and Dr. Yoto V. Yotov through Drexel’s co-op program. While working with Dr. Olivero and Dr. Yotov, Ian conducted extensive research on Taylor Rule composition and specification, and various topics in globalization and international trade, including the Gravity Equation and other distance-effect models.

Ian has assisted with projects involving the analysis and integration of public opinion, real estate development trends, and public policy to develop reasonable and defensible goals for operations. Ian has also been involved in analysis of Medicaid and proposed Medicaid expansion within the state of Pennsylvania. This effort involved understanding and modeling current and future costs and benefits in the healthcare industry, as well as analyzing what implications healthcare and Medicaid have on the rest of Pennsylvania’s economy.

Ian received his Bachelor of Science in Economics with minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, and Philosophy from Drexel University. In his free time, Ian enjoys singing in various choirs with the Pennsylvania Academy of Performing Arts.

Areas of Expertise