White, Jeremiah

Jeremiah J White, Jr.

Senior Advisor

Background & Experience

As chief executive officer of White and Associates, Jeremiah White, Jr. leads transformational consulting strategies for organizations and businesses seeking cultural change to:

  • Improve its bottom line;
  • Humanize working environments by fostering more inclusive, diverse, and equitable participation; and,
  • Connect the members, clients, or patients they serve to organizational mission, policy and practice that respects their lived experiences.

Using relationship-based approaches, Mr. White works with social justice, social services, educational and community development organizations dedicated to eliminating systemic barriers facing communities of color and repairing the harm that injustice has inflicted upon them.

Mr. White is former chair of the Board of Trustees of the Community College of Philadelphia (CCP) and has served on the board since 2006 in multiple roles including chairing the business affairs and presidential search committees. Working with the board, president, senior leadership team, and faculty, he assisted CCP to successfully navigate through COVID-19 risks and business challenges to:

  • Maintain the continuity of educational services by prioritized social and educational support required by students and their families;
  • Ensure faculty had institutional support to transition to virtual education; and,
  • Sustain a solid financial footing to achieve its strategic goals.

Currently, Mr. White consults with legal, medical, and social service agencies in New York City specifically to undo racist practices within their organizations and create a culture that is rooted in values and principles that appreciate and respect diversity, inclusion, equity and incorporates intersectionality into their business. He works with boards, senior leadership teams providing training, executive coaching, and real time strategic guidance. He co-founded iPraxis, a STEM educational support service that utilizes volunteer resources recruited from the local corporations and universities to bring real world science to middle schools in low-income neighborhoods. Jeremiah serves as a member of the Wistar Institute Leadership Council, a world leader in early-stage discovery science in the areas of cancer, immunology, and infectious disease.

Formerly, Mr. White was co-founder and chair of Osiris Group, Inc., a Philadelphia based marketing and business strategy firm concentrating in bioscience and tourism. Also, Jeremiah co-founded Intercultural Family Services, Inc., a nonprofit health and human service organization for Philadelphia’s multicultural residents and immigrants.

Areas of Expertise

  • Board Leadership/Senior Leadership Team Building
  • Community College Board Management
  • Small business and non profit start up and development
  • Coaching and training organizational leadership on diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Creating and implementing STEM learning models for middle schools
  • Business start-up