Michael A. Golden

Michael A. Golden, M.B.A.

Senior Advisor

Background & Experience

Michael A. Golden has wide experience with financial, strategic, organizational and operational matters in the private, public and non-profit sectors. Michael is Senior Vice President of SES ESOP Strategies, designing and funding corporate transactions that result in substantial employee ownership under professional management.

Prior to rejoining SES, Michael was Chief Financial Officer of a technology & public policy company focused on poverty alleviation through technology, interim Director of Finance of a private foundation and consulted on a variety of strategic management and organizational issues. He served as an officer at Shorebank, a Chicago-based community development bank with a national reputation as the first Community Development Financial Institution. There he managed strategic financial, marketing and operational projects, including implementing strategic and IT platforms for substantial multi-state growth. He began his career in community work in public policy issues such as access to health care, tax policy, and economic development.

Michael has founded several non-profit organizations, including the Hiway Theatre, locally, and developed functional, long-lasting entities to pursue economic development, social enterprise, public policy, housing, jobs, and health care. In the public sector, Michael served as an elected Borough Councilor for 20 years, as well as serving in various appointed positions for local and county government, including the Montgomery County Commissioners’ Blue Ribbon Task Force on Strategic Economic Development and the County Climate Change Advisory Board. In addition to serving as a senior advisor for Econsult Solutions, Michael was recently asked to join The Democracy Collaborative’s Community Wealth Building Technical Assistance Task Force, focusing on ESOP-specific financing and conversion strategies, as well supporting the development of economic empowerment planning, financing, and institutional design.

Areas of Expertise

  • Economic Development
  • Finance
  • Management