Nancy Mifflin

Nancy Mifflin

Senior Advisor

Background & Experience

Nancy Mifflin is an independent consultant to energy and utility companies, and to suppliers who endeavor to provide services and products to this sector. With global IT consulting experience to energy companies in the US, Canada and the UK, Nancy’s industry analysis has been an integral part of her strategic planning and business development advisory services. Hired by AppLabs, a Phila. Bases IT testing firm in 2011, Nancy was on boarded as a Subject Matter Expert to Energy and Utility companies regarding systems and applications modernization due to mergers, smart meter programs and or regulatory compliance programs, e.g. gas pipeline integrity programs.

Nancy attributes her national network of energy executives and senior managers to involvement with the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), a 39 year old national association of energy professionals dedicated to ensuring that African Americans and other minorities are included in energy policy and development, discussions on regulations, R & D technologies and environmental issues. Nancy, the past chapter President of AABE Phila., was appointed as the ABE Mid Atlantic Regional director in 2012. This volunteer advisor role grants the opportunity to work with energy professionals in Phila., South Jersey, Baltimore, Washington D.C. and Richmond. Nancy has used AABE as a training venue, having participated in Legislative workgroups chaired by EEI Executive David Owens, on ‘Smart Meter, Smart Grid’ and ‘the Utility of the Future, Distribution Grid.’

Her interest and dedicated study of energy and utilities industries in North America, has been intensified by the architecting of the East coast Energy Hub. Attendance to an Oct. 2014 Regional Energy Report Out and guest invitation to the inaugural Energy Action Team meeting provided an intimate view of the forming blueprint for Energy Hub and related Manufacturing.

Nancy considers her personal pursuit of relationships with energy and utility decision makers, a ‘real time’ study in the ‘region’s role in the global energy market place.

Nancy Mifflin‘s career is heavily laced with technology related positions, includes management roles in municipal government, fortune 500 companies, non- profits.

Using accumulated IT project management experience acquired at CIGNA, Nancy moved to energy/utilities sector in 1995 to undertake a project manager role in the PECO Corporate IT department. Applying experience gained via systems and program consolidation work from the INA & CG merger, Nancy worked on enterprise payroll, personnel and financial application upgrades.

Selected as the IT project lead for a project, Leapfrog, granted Nancy the growth opportunity to work directly for the CIO and to interface with the senior management team.

The PECO and COMED merger, presented the opportunity to be an IT service provider in 2 regions with Nancy having holding a management role in the data center disaster recovery and business continuity programs for Philadelphia and Chicago. Working in the ‘post merger’ environment proved to be rich with valuable lessons on events that drive change inside corporations.

Between 2003 -2005, Nancy worked for the CIO, City of Philadelphia and was key to the establishment of the IT Project Management office. As the Director IT PMO, Nancy was responsible for auditing projects, establishing standards for project proposal, approvals, educating managers and commissioners on IT project planning and budgeting.

Nancy has serviced as chairperson of the Grace Community Christian Center Board, Girl Scout Leader for Southeast PA, and an Adjunct Instructor of Statistics at Eastern University. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and a Masters’ Degree in Applied Science from the Hahnemann Graduate School, now part of Drexel University.

Areas of Expertise

  • IT Architecture – Electric & Gas Distribution Systems
  • Utilities – Disaster Recovery Program Management
  • Economic Development
  • Energy Policy

Projects and Updates