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Peiyong Yu

Associate Director

Background & Experience

Peiyong Yu is an Associate Director with Econsult Solutions. Mr. Yu joined Econsult Solutions in August, 2016 as an Analyst and was promoted to Senior Analyst in 2018. Mr. Yu has experience with spatial and statistical analysis, transportation planning, economic impact analysis, fiscal impact analysis, and cost-benefit analysis. He is proficient in ArcGIS, R-Studio, IMPLAN and Excel. At ESI, Mr. Yu works on data collection, econometric modeling, data visualization and report preparation across projects. In addition, he develops web-based tools, such as Shiny Apps, to automate the analysis process for multiple scenarios.

Prior to joining ESI, Mr. Yu worked at the Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute in Shanghai, China as a transportation planner. His responsibilities focused on public transit planning, regional highway and railway system planning, and traffic demand modeling. He also interned at the China Academy of Urban Planning and Design in Beijing. While there, Peiyong assisted in population projects and economic analysis for various planning projects. He also helped existing conditions survey for several comprehensive plans.

In 2016, Mr. Yu graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received a Master’s degree in City Planning with a concentration in Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. In 2014, he received his Bachelor of Arts in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.