Wilson Goode, Jr.

W. Wilson Goode, Jr.

Senior Advisor

Background & Experience

W. Wilson Goode, Jr. is a Public Policy Advisor who served as a Philadelphia City Councilman At-Large from 2000 to 2016. Mr. Goode graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and did Graduate Studies in Policy Design and Delivery at Harvard Kennedy School.

When Mr. Goode served on the Philadelphia City Council, he was the primary sponsor of over 145 ordinances including: budget appropriations; revenue increase for public education; civil service preference for local residents; living wage and benefits standard for City-supported employees; labor peace requirement for City airport and City-supported hotels; annual economic disparity analyses; diversity goals for city contracting; fair lending plans and community reinvestment goals from depository banks; contract enforcement of economic diversity; reduction of the business gross receipts tax; business tax credits for job creation and investment in neighborhood economic development; as well as landmark legislation enacting the only campaign contribution limits for municipal elections in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Goode was a founding board member of Local Progress, the national municipal policy network created in 2012. Mr. Goode was also the recipient of a National Achievement Award from the National Community Reinvestment Coalition in 2006. He received the 2013 Community Development Champion Award from the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations and the 2015 Pennsylvania Working Families Legislator of the Year Award. In 2017, he was named Advocate of the Year by the City of Philadelphia Office of Economic Opportunity.

Areas of Expertise

  • Government and Public Policy
  • Economic Development