The Macau Polytechnic Institute (IPM) organized a gaming forum on November 16th that examined the decline of the gaming industry in Atlantic City and its implications for Macau. ESI principal and senior vice president, Dr. Peter Angelides, spoke at this forum and focused mostly on the issues caused by regional competition.

He recalled the fact that any gaming city or location is potentially exposed to the possibility of a neighboring region starting to develop a similar industry, highlighting the fact that a “strict regulation at the start can be very useful for the healthy development of the gaming industry”. According to him, “gaming laws and regulations should not become loose and than get enforced when things fail to comply with the goals”, but, instead “start strict and firm and then you start to peel-off from it when necessary in order to keep the market running”.

Referring to tourism and other industries in areas were gaming has a big share of the market, Dr. Angelides said, “to achieve stability the government must make sure that everybody [all business sectors] is on the same page.”

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