Plan Philly Highlights ESI’s Infographics on Vehicle Access

svsvs published an article called, “Infographics: Who bikes, drives, walks, or rides transit to work in Philly?“, which showcased ESI’s infographics capabilities.

Through these infographics, we wanted to show the demographics of drivers in Philadelphia and the distributional impact of policies that make car ownership more or less expensive.

From PlanPhilly’s article:

“Attitudes about transit riders, cyclists, and motorists are heavily tangled up in identity politics. In the absence of good information, stereotypes tend to color people’s impressions about how different types of people get around, and consequently, what kinds of transportation policies officials should choose.

Econsult researcher Caitlin Furio crunched the numbers for us from the 2008-2012 Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) data from the ACS*, and then Guo and Conner-Ross used it to produce some infographics that get right at several of the main points of interest about commuting behavior.”













To read the entire story, click here.

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