Potential Economic Impact of Manayunk Bike Race

In an effort to revive the Philadelphia International Cycling Classic, also known as the Manayunk Bike Race, ESI was contracted to conduct a study on the potential economic that a 2025 race would have on Philadelphia and Pennsylvania.

This event was last held in 2016, so ESI used those attendance and participation figures, and adjusted for inflation. This report showed the total economic impact of the Manayunk Bike Race, as well as figures broken down by and within race operations, ancillary spending, and fiscal impact.

ESI found that holding the Manayunk Bike Race again would generate $13.8 million in total economic impact in Philadelphia, and $16.8 million in Pennsylvania.
To calculate ancillary spending, ESI made assumptions regarding spectator and participant spending, in categories including restaurants, accommodations, local transit, and general merchandise. ESI made different estimates based on international versus domestic participants as well as local (day trip) versus non-local (overnight) spectators. Based on those estimates and the 2016 attendance numbers, ESI found that over 85,000 people would spend $8.8 million during this event.

Using the calculated economic impact and full-time equivalent jobs, ESI found that this race would generate a total fiscal impact of $240,000 in Philadelphia, and $250,000 in Pennsylvania.

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