RACP Applicants: July 13 Applications Open | August 12 Must Be Submitted

Do you have questions about the RACP application process?

ESI has answers.

PA RACP grants are very competitive. Our experts have worked with nonprofits, private developers, corporations, municipalities, and public-private partnerships on first-time and re-submissions for RACP funding.

Q: How do I know if my project is eligible for RACP funding?
A: RACP grants are very competitive. All projects applying for RACP funding must have a dedicated line item in one of the applicable Capital Budget Project Itemization Acts. Only projects with itemization from these Acts with a remaining project allocation are eligible. Check for your project on the Capital Budget Project Authorization list.
Q: I’m not sure if my project is accounted for in the authorization list or it’s not on there. What can I do?
A: Connect with ESI and we can help you determine if you’re eligible or see if there are other grant programs that may be appropriate for you.
Q: I have received RACP funding in the past but I would like to apply again. Am I still eligible?
A: Yes! And if we’ve helped you with your previous application materials, this time will be even easier.
Q: What info does ESI need to help with my RACP application?
A: The main things we need for your application are a budget and timeline for your project. We’ll work with you to describe your project’s economic development value.

We know how to navigate the eligibility requirements and the electronic application. We understand the requirements in place, and can provide guidance on how to make the best case for your project(s). It is essential to properly promote the economic, cultural, civic, and historical value of a project, to best position them to competitively succeed in the awarding of RACP funding. For more information on ESI’s capabilities, please click here.


For an initial discussion about your application or questions about your project’s eligibility, please contact us today.

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