RACP Grant Itemization Application Deadline

If you are planning to apply for a RACP grant in 2017, if you do not already have a dedicated itemization, don’t wait to begin the application process for the itemization of your project(s) in the next PA Capital Project Itemization Act. It has been two years since the previous Pennsylvania Capital Budget Project Itemization Act was passed for RACP grants. The legislation is currently pursuing a new itemization bill to be completed prior to proximal round of funding, which is rumored to be within the first fiscal quarter of 2017.

RACP grants are highly competitive, all institutions applying for RACP funding for their projects need to have a dedicated line item in one of the applicable Capital Budget Project Itemization Acts. These Itemization Acts are passed by the General Assembly and signed into law by the Governor. Only projects with itemization’s from these Acts with a remaining Project Allocation will be eligible.

Take a look at the Authorization List here to see if your project is on the current Capital Budget Project. The new Pennsylvania Capital Budget Project Itemization Act could also mean that older itemization’s could be phased out, so be sure to put in for a new itemization if yours is several years old.

Each caucus is taking itemization requests with a deadline of December 30, 2016. The process requires four forms which must be downloaded, completed and sent per the instructions. For your convenience, here and here are two of the four necessary forms.

How ESI Can Help:

In 2015 17 ESI clients were awarded more than $40 million. Our services range from estimating the economic and fiscal impacts for Tab 3 to compiling entire Business Plans. Our previous work for non-profits, private developers, corporations, municipalities, public private partnerships, and re-submissions of RACP Business Plans have all been awarded grants in past submission rounds.

For assistance throughout the RACP application process contact our experts Principal Lee Huang.

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