ESI President and Principal Stephen Mullin gave his outlook of the Philadelphia Regional Economy in 2016 on January 14th at the Philadelphia Business Journal’s 2016 Economic Conference.

Mullin’s presentation addressed topics such as whether Philadelphia will do better than it has in the past relative to the U.S. economy, which parts of the Philadelphia region will show stronger growth, demographic and economic trends stating that, which sectors will lead and lag, and State and Local Government Roles.

His prediction’s for 2016 were optimistic for the Philadelphia region, he sees Philadelphia’s population rising by +75,000 by 2020, 2 percent growth in metro area employment, and… all 4 major sports teams winning a championship within the next 4 years. It makes you wonder whether Steve has seen the Sixers or Eagles play recently.

A recap of the event can be found in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Check out Stephen’s presentation below:

More about the other sessions:

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