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The Financial Services Sector

The banking industry is one of the nation’s most heavily regulated and closely scrutinized, befitting the importance of capital access to individual households and local economies alike and acknowledging the damaging effect that discriminatory practices can have on communities.  Our team is uniquely qualified to analyze publicly available data on home lending, business lending, and branch locations to assist banks, municipalities, and advocacy groups alike.  We have completed comprehensive credit needs assessments for the municipal governments in Philadelphia and New York City, and have the capacity to produce detailed analyses, interactive maps, and easy-to-understand infographics that explore spatial patterns in demand for and supply of various banking services.

As a number of municipalities contemplate responsible banking ordinances to provide a regular assessment of home lending, business lending, and branch location decisions by authorized depository banks, we can provide the requisite analysis, outreach, and strategy to support such efforts.  We can also help banks improve their outreach efforts into communities within their service area by producing a number of interactive tools that depict demographic and banking data points at a single Census Tract level.  In both cases, our aim is to present information that is publicly available but not necessarily easily understandable, to the end of informing the broader discussion about the distribution of capital access in a particular geography.

Our experts include: Aqil Sabur, whose diverse background in banking and finance covers areas such as minority business and small business financing and venture capital, entrepreneurial financing, and micro finance; Christophe Terlizzi, who has extensive experience with real estate financing, credit process, loan servicing and compliance, and financial planning and has worked at banking institutions, founded Laurier Capital Advisors, LLC, a commercial real estate capital advising firm, and created Community Bank based lending syndicate; and Benjamin Craig, who has spent the past 10 years of his career in the capital markets, principally working for American exchanges.

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Our Experts on The Financial Services Sector

New York City Department of Finance 2015 Needs Assessment
ESI conducted New York City’s first Needs Assessment, in accordance with its Responsible Banking Act, and presented its findings and analytical tools to the newly formed Community Investment Advisory Board of elected officials, community advocates, and small business representatives. This Needs Assessment covered the banking needs of communities throughout New York City, with a particular emphasis on low-income communities, communities of color, and low English proficiency communities.

City of Philadelphia Treasurer’s Office Annual Report on Authorized Depositories
Each year since 2006, ESI has performed an annual assessment of authorized depository banks for the City of Philadelphia to explore their home lending, business lending, and branch location performance. Authorized depositories are ranked according to their performance in low-income communities and communities of color.

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