Business and Real Estate Deals

Our team has decades of experience advising private agencies undergoing strategic changes. ESI has developed a variety of services to assist clients in deciding the best direction and options to support the negotiation of deals and to ensure the feasibility of an initiative. Our business advisory services include:

  • Financial Feasibility – We create, evaluate, and critique pro-formas for proposed deals. We can prepare analyses for developers, and conduct independent profitability/feasibility analyses for interested parties.
  • Asset & Business Valuation – We have the technical and analytical expertise to conduct in-depth assessments of the value of a business, business unit, or asset.
  • SWOT Analysis – Our expertise allows us to deliver the precise analysis of a project and provide our clients with clear advice and recommendations on how to approach potential opportunities and risks.
  • Market Study – We investigate supply and demand and determine whether a deal can be supported by current economic conditions.
  • Capital Structure – We analyze capital structures of deals, including Debt Coverage Ratio, Loan to Value & Loan to Cost rates, appropriate Interest Rate, and recommend the most cost-effective loan and term options.
  • Tax Policy Impacts – We evaluate how taxes and fees affect the value or profitability of deals.
  • Presentation – We assist with additional necessary documentation preparation in addition to presenting/pitching in front of prospective investors.

Our experts include: Richard Voith, PhD, CRE who advises clients in real estate and transportation and provides economic analysis in support of litigation; Peter Angelides, PhD who has consulted for businesses, providing valuation and financial analysis for nearly 20 years; and Stephen Mullin, M.A., who is currently on the advisory board of Philadelphia based real estate investment firm The Arden Group, has previously served as a City Representative and Director of Commerce and Director of Finance for the City of Philadelphia as well as having taught graduate level State and local public finance for over 30 years.

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