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Developers & Investors

Housing and Real Estate Development

Housing and real estate represent a unique intersection between economic, demographic, land use, and financial considerations. Our team has decades of experience and has developed a variety of services to assist in deciding the best direction and options to support the negotiation of sale and to facilitate the development of a project. Our strategic analytical services include:

  • Market Studies – We investigate housing demand, population projections, and competing developments.
  • Economic Impact Analyses – Municipalities and others often want to know the economic impact of a proposed or existing development, including the number of jobs supported, the total direct, indirect and induced spending and the change in the local economies.
  • Fiscal Impact Analysis – How does a proposed development affect the fiscal situation of the host community? We measure the incremental benefits from new property and other taxes, as well as the costs from extra police, school, and other services.
  • Tax Increment Financing – We analyze the potential for tax increment financing (TIF) and other value capture programs to help fill financing gaps in developments.
  • Pro forma / Financial Feasibility Evaluations – We create, evaluate and critique pro-formas for proposed developments. We can prepare simple to complex analyses for developers, conduct independent profitability/feasibility analyses for interested parties, and conduct in-depth reviews and analyses of pro-formas.
  • Tax Policy Impacts – We evaluate how proposed property tax, parking tax, income tax, and other taxes affect the value or profitability of existing and proposed developments.


Our Senior Advisor experts include Christophe Terlizzi, Larry Segal, Williams Krebs, and John Noonan.

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