Economic Inclusion

Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) has developed a variety of analyses to help institutions working to ensure equitable distribution of economic and financial opportunities. We understand that economic inclusion goes beyond addressing the needs of vulnerable populations. It is essential to economic growth, job creation, and increased competitiveness. We are able to marshal data, analytics, and strategic guidance to inform whether and how communities are fairly accessing employment, contract opportunities, and banking service

We have a best-in-class team with sound analytical capabilities to provide our clients with rigorous, accurate, and geographically fine assessments of the current conditions, and recommend effective policy implementations. We advise city officials and other stakeholders about needs regarding home lending, small business lending, and bank branch access to determine if those needs are being adequately met.

Our business services include:

  • Disparity assessment
  • Banking needs assessment
  • Interactive maps/spreadsheets
  • Policy evaluation
  • Data analysis
  • Survey creation and analysis
  • Social impact services

Our experts have decades of experience in community and economic development, banking, management, financial, and public consultation such as Lee Huang, M.P.A., who has engaged in several banking-related policy issues and have advised clients for several years; and Stephen P. Mullin, with experience spanning state and public finance and policy analysis, economic and real estate development, and business-government strategies. Mr. Mullin serves on the board of many community organizations such as Philadelphia Culture Works, North Broad Renaissance, and Community College of Philadelphia Foundation. We can also rely on the expertise of our senior advisors, namely Angela Dowd-Burton and Dr. Bernard Anderson.

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Our Experts on Economic Inclusion

City of Philadelphia Disparity Study

ESI conducts an annual study to determine the extent to which a disparity exists between utilization and availability of Minority Business Enterprises by the City of Philadelphia.

New York City Department of Finance 2015 Financial and Banking Needs Assessment

ESI conducted NYC’s first Needs Assessment of low-income neighborhoods and presented its findings to Community Investment Advisory Board.

Credit Needs Assessment

ESI was commissioned by a growing bank corporation to conduct a credit needs assessment of majority black and Hispanic neighborhoods in a trade area that included 5 states, 37 counties, and almost 6,400 Census Tracts. This assessment included the production of interactive maps.