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Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 and until further notice, Econsult Solutions is having staff members work from home. This form of “social distancing” has been implemented with the safety of our staff and the community at large in mind. We have instituted all necessary remote-working features and remain open for business, hard at work on current engagements and eager to hear how we can support your needs. 

These are extraordinary times. The global pandemic has reached every aspect of every life in every corner of the world. More than ever, ESI stands ready to apply economics, strategy, and insight to help you move forward. Be on the lookout for additional content on our blog, Present Value. Together we will emerge stronger and wiser. 


Energy Efficiency Regional Economic Impacts

Energy Efficiency Programs Stimulate Regional Economies

Do you know how much your energy efficiency program stimulates the economy of your service territory?

Too often there is an enormous gap in the quantification of the value of utility-sponsored energy efficiency programs; the unanalyzed and under-appreciated impact on a region’s economy. Econsult Solutions can help you make your utility company’s case about the value of your demand-side programs. We combine our decades of economic development and utility planning experience with our proprietary input-output economic model. We are able to calculate the effect that changes in disposable spending would have on the region’s economic activity and job creation, which benefit all in the region, regardless of program participation.

Our team will work with you to capture a full range of critical inputs associated with your program that affect the region’s economy beyond primary costs and benefits. Core outputs include changes in economic product and employment. We are also able to analyze other secondary impacts associated with these utility programs. In addition to producing a program-specific case report, we are available to provide expert testimony or other litigation services supporting our analysis.

Our Senior Advisor Experts include David Boonin, Nancy Mifflin, Gregory Byrnes, and Brian Uher.

Downloadable version (pdf).

Our Experts on Energy Efficiency Regional Economic Impacts

PECO Economic Impact Study

ESI examined the economic impact PECO has on the Greater Philadelphia Region and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


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