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The energy industry is undergoing significant changes, which have influenced business decision making and public policies at all levels of government. As climate change and the need for energy regulations become increasingly acute, developing a comprehensive strategy is more important than ever. Econsult Solutions, Inc. (“ESI”) has been a long-term partner of energy actors across the spectrum. Using state-of-the-art techniques and offering cutting-edge analysis and interpretation, we help public and private sector clients analyze, evaluate and develop strategic solutions to meet the changing landscape of the energy industry.

We understand the impact of energy market conditions on the local and regional economies and real estate markets. We understand that improving energy efficiency not only helps save energy, but also improve community self-reliance, save citizens money, create local jobs, catalyze local economic investment, and protect the environment. Our energy advisory services include:

  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Analyses of Energy Projects.
  • Energy Efficiency Market Studies.
  • Regulatory and Policy Support.
  • Policy Development, Analysis, and Evaluation.
  • Environmental Policy and Analysis.

Our team is comprised of nationally recognized experts including Stephen P. Mullin, who is a leading expert in energy, policy and economic development. Mr. Mullin has been involved in the region’s energy-related discussions for many years. He is a frequent speaker on energy policy and infrastructure; David Boonin who has over three decades experience in public utility regulation, policy, and strategy; Nancy Mifflin who is a leading energy consultant with a focus in technology. Mrs. Mifflin was the past chapter chair of American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE); and Brian Uher, who is the Chief Technology Officer at Energy Conversion Research in Washington, DC. His work has focused on demand-side efficiency in the building industry.

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Our Experts on Energy Sector

PECO Economic Impact Study

ESI examined the economic impact PECO has on the Greater Philadelphia Region and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Sunoco Logistics Mariner East Pipeline Economic Impact Report

The study was designed to forecast the potential economic and fiscal impacts of its proposed Mariner East projects on the Commonwealth’s economy.

Economic Impact of Pipeline Expansion

ESI performed an economic impact analysis for Greater Philadelphia Energy Action Team (“GPEAT”) sponsored by Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.