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Environmental Sustainability

At Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI), we understand that sustainability and environmental consciousness must be a focus of economic development and community planning. Our analytical assistance goes beyond the basic understanding of environmental impact in order to provide an increased depth to our analyses and reports.

We apply our expertise in economic development, market analysis, and economic impact assessment to thoroughly evaluate the potential strength and impact of green initiatives. With our detailed research and comprehensive reports, we can support green and sustainable programs with internal planning and strategy and external funding and proposal development.

Our business advisory services include:

  • Economic & Fiscal Impact Assessment.
  • Property Value Impacts.
  • Ecological, Aesthetic, Recreational, & Social Impacts.
  • Survey Preparation, Data Collection, & Statistical Analyses.
  • Project Evaluation.
  • Academic Research.

In addition to our experts we can rely on our senior advisors, such as Robert Stokes, Ph.D., has a vast background in urban environmental studies and public policy, having worked on projects such as neighborhood commercial corridor planning, the impact of the built environment on health outcomes, and environmental sustainability planning; and Steven Nelson, whose expertise include economic development, open space preservation and trail development, and strategic partnerships and has developed high-profile programs such as a $150M open space program, a $50M revitalization program, and the country’s first climate change action plan.

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Our Experts on Environmental Sustainability

Selected Projects

Economic Analysis of the Impact of Green City, Clean Waters (GCCW) on the City of Philadelphia

ESI was commissioned to measure and articulate the local economic impact of GCCW in its first five years. This report showed the significant economic impacts that GCCW on the City of Philadelphia, the local economy and real estate markets.

Open Space in SE Pennsylvania

Econsult and Economy League of Greater Philadelphia estimated the economic, environmental, recreational, health, and property value benefits of protected open space in the Philadelphia five-county region.

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