Infrastructure Managers

Infrastructure Managers

Econsult Solutions, Inc. can provide you with the objective economic analyses to help you make the most viable and sustainable decision for your area.

Our regional clients often require assistance, whether for purposes of reform, planning, or project evaluation.

We help authorities ensure investments achieve the desired outcomes, positively impact local communities, and ensure tolls and fees are set fairly and do not hinder economic growth. Key areas of work include:

  • Feasibility analyses.
  • Modeling and rate-setting analyses.
  • Budgeting and internal planning.
  • Project evaluation.
  • Public-private approaches to infrastructure development.
  • Survey preparation, data collection, and statistical analyses.
  • Assessing tax and fees burdens for businesses and individuals.

Econsult Solutions, Inc. experts Dave Boonin and Kash Srinivasan come with over 20 years of experience as utility economists and practitioners, and together with Dr. Voith, provide comprehensive analytical services necessary to make your project a success.

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