Neighborhood Economic Development Practicioners

Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) has developed a variety of services to assist local officials, community development corporations, resident groups and other stakeholders in revitalizing and strengthening neighborhoods.

We understand the unique challenges facing local communities such as blight, vacant properties, and neighborhood instability and the importance of alleviating these factors. Blight is a complex and dynamic phenomenon that takes many different forms depending on the geography, the type, and the dynamics of community priorities, politics, and policymaking.

Our team centers on practitioners who have been engaged in developing, executing, and assessing anti-blight strategies for over 20 years.

Key services include:

  • Feasibility studies and planning processes.
  • Market studies.
  • Marketing and branding services.
  • Best practices.
  • Economic impact analyses.
  • Vacant land mitigation strategies.
  • Land bank business plan development.

Our Senior Advisor experts include Terry Gillen and Stephen Horton.

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Our Experts on Neighborhood Economic Development Practicioners

Select Projects:

Charting the Multiple Meanings of Blight

ESI, along with The Vacant Properties Research Network conducted a national literature review on blight for the national non-profit, Keep America Beautiful.

City of Wilmington

ESI and Interface assisted the City of Wilmington in submitting an application to the State of Delaware for its Downtown Development District and land bank.

Philadelphia Community Sustainability Initiative Report

In collaboration with public policy consultants The Reinvestment Fund, and ESI, City Council has compiled data on quality of life indicators across the city to help demonstrate the health of neighborhoods.

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