Non-Profits & Foundations

Assessing Quantitative and Financial ROI

We understand that as a non-profit institution you require specialized analyses to showcase your success and the impact of your work to your Board of Directors or funders, while having limited resources.

Our Principals and Senior Advisors have served in executive management capacities and held board leadership positions at a number of non-profit organizations throughout the Philadelphia region and thoroughly understand the challenges you face.

Econsult Solutions, Inc. works with a wide range of non-profit organizations – large-scale academic, medical, and research institutions; community development corporations and neighborhood-serving organizations; and business and industry advocacy groups.

These entities often require assistance, whether for purposes of resource development, legislative advocacy, external branding, or internal planning.

These services are of particular importance at a time of economic uncertainty and fiscal pain, helping non-profits make the quantitative and financial “return on investment” case for work that is not often thought of in such terms, whether preserving the environment, building affordable homes, or providing social services.

Key areas include:

  • Assessing economic and fiscal impacts.
  • Identifying social and financial return on investment.
  • Strategic planning and business plan development.
  • Budgeting and implementation.
  • Program evaluation.
  • Support research.
  • Environmental Scans.

Our Senior Advisor expert for nonprofit and foundations is Renata Cobbs-Fletcher.

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