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Opportunity Zones

Opportunity Zone Advisory Services

We provide a comprehensive suite of advisory services for Opportunity Zone (OZ) investments. We offer development strategies, investment strategies, communications services, and impact evaluation. With our advanced quantitative skills, extensive development expertise, and first-hand local government experience, we offer unique insights for OZ solutions.

We have Opportunity Zone solutions for:

  • Local and County Governments
  • Community Development Organizations
  • Qualified Opportunity Fund Managers and Teams
  • Developers and Property Owners
Development Strategies to Maximize OZ Investments for Local Goals

ESI can help local governments, community development organizations, and developers identify projects that are ready and attractive for OZ investment. In doing so we can:

  • Identify community and social impact goals;
  • Prioritize specific parcels for development;
  • Combine market insights with quantitative data, such as market analyses, and knowledge of local plans, zoning ordinances, and government incentives;
  • Forecast the potential fiscal, economic, and social impacts of OZ investments on your community;
  • Create equitable development strategies to support existing businesses and property owners;
  • Facilitate OZ steering committee and stakeholder meetings.
Investment Strategies to Connect Qualified Opportunity Funds (QOF) with Attractive Projects

We know the local development stakeholders and can connect QOF managers with them. Local stakeholders have the in-depth knowledge about the strategic efforts that may be beneficial to investment opportunities. We can:

  • Identify attractive projects for QOF managers;
  • Identify projects that meet Community Reinvestment Act and community goals;
  • Provide market insights on development sites;
  • Complete institutional scan to provide insights about major stakeholders.
Communications Strategies to Market Potential OZ Investments

Our team has the skill set to:

  • Create marketing campaign materials for messaging;
  • Develop content for website and social media campaigns;
  • Facilitate workshops with business owners, property owners, residents, and other stakeholders.
Impact Evaluation to Track the Success of OZ Investments

ESI can develop performance measures to track the public policy goals for your community, including job creation, affordable housing units, business expansion, and other objectives. You can look to us to:

  • Develop performance management systems;
  • Provide annual monitoring to track OZ investments over time.

Our multi-faceted team brings the array of expertise needed to support sound Opportunity Zone investment decisions. Stephen P. Mullin formerly served as the Director of Commerce and Director of Finance for the City of Philadelphia; Peter Angelides, Ph.D., AICP, has high-level expertise in both economics and urban planning; Brittany N. Forman leads projects in the area of community and economic development; Gina Lavery specializes in real estate and geospatial analysis; Steve Wray leads projects focused on civic strategy and policy; and, Daniel Connelly specializes in municipal financial planning and modeling.

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Our Experts on Opportunity Zones

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