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We provide top quality expert support in a variety of litigation settings. Our experts include Ph.D. economists, university instructors, former high-level government officials, highly skilled researchers, analysts, and modelers. Our experience and academic credentials in real estate, transportation, policy, and general economics make us ideally suited for:

Reports and White Papers – We provide analyses to help make business decisions or to help educate a skeptical public or governmental agency. We prepare objective, thorough, defensible reports based on high-level economic and statistical analysis, including:

  • Economic and fiscal impact studies.
  • Financial feasibility analyses.
  • Due diligence reports.
  • Market studies.

Expert Testimony
– We provide services, including expert reports, depositions and trial testimony, in a wide variety of disputes, including:

  • Commercial damages.
  • Real estate damage calculations.
  • Valuation.
  • Interest rate determination.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Business interruption claims.

Sample cases include:

  • Damages associated with delayed sales in a large scale, high-end condominium project in New York City.
  • Valuation in a property tax case.
  • Lost revenue from unplanned rail service interruption in DC.
  • Interest rate determination for the bankruptcy of a golf course in Florida.
  • Change in value of properties near a landfill in Minnesota.
  • Economic interpretation of a lease in a CERCLA case.


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