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Tax Policy

The Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) team has vast experience with analyzing tax policy at the local and state levels. We understand how critical sound tax policy is for the future growth and development of any community. ESI provides the accurate models necessary to evaluate current tax policy as well as evaluate the potential economic ramifications of changing tax structures.

Our analyses cover a diverse set of impact categories including employment, revenue, housing, business, and overall economic prosperity. These insights help facilitate equitable and effective tax policy.

Our business advisory services include:

  • Tax reform evaluations.
  • Tax base analyses.
  • Comparative tax policy analysis.
  • Budget analysis.
  • Tax base and revenue forecasting.
  • Market competition identification.
  • Strategic planning and policy recommendations.
  • Econometric analyses.

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Our Experts on Tax Policy

Select Projects:

Modeling the Impact of Tax Reform in Philadelphia

ESI analyzed the potential impact of the proposed tax changes, comparing to several possible scenarios to present the implications on the City’s operating budget and job growth in Philadelphia.

KOP Bid Tax Policies

A local tax policy evaluation and tax burden comparison was performed by ESI in order to analyze the current health and competitiveness of Upper Merion Township’s tax policies.

Upper Darby Township Tax Study

ESI performed an analysis of Upper Darby Township’s tax base, recent changes to its tax base, and estimates of potential changes in the tax based in the next decade.

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