ESI President Stephen Mullin  and Director of Research Adam Ozimek have been chosen for’s Hot 50 List for Legal & Regulation. The Hot 50 is all about buzz and in 2013 the buzz was about the reopening of the US market on a sure legal footing for the first time. That buzz is reflected in a record 13 US-based entrants in this year’s Hot 50.

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Below is a excerpt from about what went into choosing our President for the Hot 50 list:

“While it is debatable whether Stephen Mullin fits our criteria of working full-time in gaming, his groundbreaking report on the economic impact of online gaming in New Jersey ensures much of his time will be spent in the sector in 2014. His research was key in convincing New Jersey’s politicians of the benefits of online casino, poker and sports betting. Mullin has worked in numerous public policy areas for government and states considering online gaming legislation are sure to draw on his thorough research. The likes of Illinois, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts will likely knock on his door in 2014 – if they haven’t already. Mullin’s team will be hugely influential in the development of US online gaming.”

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