Moving Cities: Montreal

November 3, 2023 / Comments Off on Moving Cities: Montreal

Many people know that Montreal is a commercial, cultural, transportation, financial, and technology center in the Francophone province of Quebec, Canada. The city proper resides on an island in the middle of the St. Lawrence River. Montreal was the most populous city in Canada until the end of last century. Currently, it is the second […]

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Our Experts Discuss the Effects of COVID-19 on Transit and Measures for Recovery

May 15, 2020 / Comments Off on Our Experts Discuss the Effects of COVID-19 on Transit and Measures for Recovery

Econsult Solutions’ Transportation Practice helps transit agencies and departments of transportation make the case for infrastructure expenditures and investments by measuring the service area economic footprint and analyzing both economic and social impacts. With our focus on transportation this month, Steve Wray, ESI Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and former executive director of the Economy […]

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Implementing Surface Transportation Infrastructure Improvements

May 13, 2020 / Comments Off on Implementing Surface Transportation Infrastructure Improvements

While the public policy conversation in recent weeks has understandably been focused on the health and economic implications of the current crisis, it is also necessary to maintain a long-term view. This is particularly true with infrastructure investments, where the decisions made today will have impacts on our economy and way of life for years […]

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SEPTA Economic Intelligence

May 1, 2020 / Comments Off on SEPTA Economic Intelligence

About SEPTA Economic Intelligence Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) has undertaken a series of studies for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) on the economic value, development implications, and equitable benefits of its service. Collectively, these studies articulate the value proposition that SEPTA provides to the region’s residents and its economy. In this time of crisis, […]

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The Future of Transit Agencies: During and After COVID-19

March 25, 2020 / Comments Off on The Future of Transit Agencies: During and After COVID-19

In our last post about COVID-19 and public transit, I discussed potential short run challenges and long run implications for the epidemic. The short run is now here. Philadelphia’s transit agency, SEPTA, is reporting an 88% reduction in travel on its commuter trains linking the city and the suburbs, and a 60% reduction in its […]

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Public Transit

COVID-19 Implications for Transit

March 17, 2020 / Comments Off on COVID-19 Implications for Transit

Whether you love it or hate it, transit receives public funding because government leaders and a majority of the public believe that transit yields an array of benefits that enhance our quality of life and economic productivity. These beliefs are supported by a significant amount of high-quality research. The emerging COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly put […]

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