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Moving Cities: Florence and Siena

November 4, 2016 / Comments Off on Moving Cities: Florence and Siena

Tuscany is renowned for its history and beauty.  Florence and Siena trace their roots to 200BC and 400BC respectively, yet both cities have adapted to the modern world which includes significant hordes of tourists descending on them to experience their history and culture and to enjoy  local cuisine. With basic historic city road structure established […]

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Moving Cities: Copenhagen

June 3, 2016 / Comments Off on Moving Cities: Copenhagen

Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, is often touted as the poster child for the movement towards sustainable urbanism. It earned this superlative through its legacy of public investment and of prioritizing the elements that make a city livable, including a diverse and efficient transportation system with plentiful parks and public spaces. According to a pamphlet developed […]

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Old City, New Look

May 20, 2016 / Comments Off on Old City, New Look

Old City District in Philadelphia has long been a tourist destination for American history lovers. With 4.3 million annual visitors to the Independence National Historic Park and the recent honor of being named America’s first World Heritage City, Old City has solidified itself a top historic landmark in the U.S. While this deep rooted history […]

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Moving Cities: Berlin

April 22, 2016 / Comments Off on Moving Cities: Berlin

Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, Berlin has emerged as one of Europe’s cutting edge intellectual, cultural, and economic centers. For anyone interested in the evolution of transportation and development patterns, visiting Berlin is a bargain: you can see two cities for the price of one. Following WWII, significant public and private capital […]

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ESI to Present at ULI Spring Meeting

March 15, 2016 / Comments Off on ESI to Present at ULI Spring Meeting

ESI is proud to be participating in the ULI Spring Meeting this April from the 19th to 21st 2016. This annual event gathers distinguished real estate professionals featuring world-class speakers and facilitated town hall-style discussions between ULI’s most engaged and distinguished members. ESI President Stephen P. Mullin and Vice President Peter Angelides will be moderating the following […]

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Moving Cities: Denver

March 4, 2016 / Comments Off on Moving Cities: Denver

Last spring, people from around the world came to Denver for the 4/20 celebration of the one year anniversary of Colorado’s decision to make marijuana use legal. The 4/20 event was one that could not have been dreamed about 25 years prior. Yet there have been remarkable things happening in Denver. The formerly sleepy downtown […]

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