The State of North Broad 2017

NBR logo The North Broad Renaissance (NBR) has released The State of North Broad, a report detailing the current situation in a number of economic and social areas pertaining to the North Broad corridor and North Broad Census Tracts. The review conducted by ESI provides an in-depth look at the changing landscape of the corridor, and aims at informing stakeholders about areas where the corridor is thriving as well as possible areas in need of improvement. Presented at the non-profit’s annual fundraiser, NBR used the analysis to help display how it is supporting revitalization efforts along the corridor, and this year NBR has a particular focus on technology and how it impacts the community and overall economic development. The ultimate goal of the North Broad Renaissance is to have an active voice with policy makers in order to influence their decisions for the greater benefit of the greater North Broad community. With the information displayed in The State of North Broad report, the members of NBR have quantitative data that shows the area as a growing community that outpaces the growth of the City of Philadelphia with a well-educated population, and over half of those living in the region having at least a Bachelor’s degree, in addition to a housing market that is thriving and showing increases in housing prices. Conversely, NBR is now, perhaps, better aware of areas of concern for the community at-large, and can use that information in order to focus their future efforts knowing that a large percentage of the community has concerns about public transportation, public safety and would like to see improvement in the average income in the area. Read some of the news coverage here. Read the full report here.

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