Transit and Equity: What’s Fair and What’s Not?

On October 27th, 2015, ESI President and Principal, Richard Voith, will represent the Ontiveros/ESI: Equity Solutions joint venture at a workshop of the Rail~volution annual conference: “Transit and Equity: What’s Fair and What’s Not?.”

railvolutionLOGODefining equity is a hot topic for transit and TOD and spans a wide range of issues: gentrification and displacement, community benefits, affordable housing, income-based fares and more. Participants will be invited to take a look at what equity is, who plays what role and some of the tools and methods to address equity issues.

This year’s conference will focus on “Building Livable Communities with Transit” and will explore the challenges and opportunities facing Dallas, TX and its region within the broad theme of: “Connected Systems. Connected Communities. Developing Livable Cities For All.”

This theme opens up opportunities to explore a wide variety of issues and topics related to the impact of the changing market, with an emphasis on what communities are doing to tackle the issues and how they are getting it done.


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