Ardmore Transit Center Analysis & Ongoing Consulting Services

Econsult Solutions, Inc. has been working with LowerMerionTownship to create a pedestrian friendly transit oriented development in downtown Ardmore, Pennsylvania. Econsult Solutions, Inc.’s work with the Township began in conjunction with a major planning process directed by Hillier Architecture. Econsult Solutions, Inc. teamed with Hillier in order to provide a financial feasibility assessment of the planned ArdmoreTransitCenter.

Econsult Solutions, Inc. assisted LowerMerionTownship in drafting a Request for Proposals for interested developers and then developed a pro forma financial model for each of the project elements in order to assist the Township in evaluating RFP responses. Through this analysis Econsult Solutions, Inc. assessed proposals as well as the public and private costs of each project. The pro forma analysis helped the Township address commuter parking, evaluate options with respect to traffic improvement funding, and weigh funding options for the train station reconstruction. From the model Econsult Solutions, Inc. was able to assist the Township in choosing the best private sector participation by assessing the risks and benefits of alternate proposals.

Subsequent to that proposal process, Econsult Solutions, Inc. has been directly helping the Township achieve its vision for a transit oriented development in downtown Ardmore. Econsult Solutions, Inc. is currently advising the Township on a $160 million public private partnership to implement the first phase of a new transit oriented development that includes a new train station, office and retail space, over 100 new rental residences and structured parking for commuters, residents, and businesses. In support of this effort, Econsult Solutions, Inc. has provided both economic and strategic advice in order to maximize the return on the private and public investments. Moreover, Econsult Solutions, Inc. has facilitated relationships with other key organizations such as SEPTA, PennDOT, and the DVRPC.

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