Chester County CVB: Strategic Plan 2020-2025

ESI and Crane Communications were commissioned in 2019 by the Chester County Conference and Visitor’s Bureau (CCCVB) to help the organization develop its 2020-2025 Strategic Plan, entitled “Navigating Our Future.” The consulting team worked closely with the organization and a project Steering Committee through strategy sessions and interviews to produce a plan that is actionable and reflects a range of viewpoints throughout the industry and county.

Building from the organization’s prior 5-year plan, the updated plan reaffirms the CCCVB’s mission, vision and core values, and focuses on updating the research, situation analysis and goals and strategies in response to new opportunities and pressures.

An extensive research effort was employed through a mix of methods, including primary and secondary research sources, as well as interviews and strategy sessions with industry experts and stakeholders. The research insights included in the report review the visitor experience, assets and performance of the Chester County tourism industry, and track key trends in the consumer preferences.

The findings of the research phase were then summarized in a Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities-Threats (SWOT) format, which serve to define the current situation analysis for Chester County’s tourism industry. From this baseline, goals and strategies were developed to respond to these conditions and drive performance for the industry. The strategic direction set forth in the documented will be supplemented by annual Action Plans, which allows for a nimble approach to adopt new tactics and optimize performance within the plan’s objectives.

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