The Potential Economic Impact of the 2023 Philadelphia Flower Show

In 2022, ESI was commissioned by the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) to calculate the potential economic impact of returning to an indoor, in-person flower show. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Philadelphia Flower Show was held outside in FDR Park, during the summer. PHS wanted to know what the economic impact would be if the show returned to a Spring date and take place at the Philadelphia Convention Center.

A large event at a convention center is an expensive undertaking, with no guarantee of attendance numbers or sales. The Flower Show is a substantial portion of PHS’ annual revenue. To make this a successful event, PHS wanted to have a strong case prepared when reaching out to sponsors.

This economic impact study showed not only the local and region economic value of the show, but also broader impacts, like increased public transit use, small and minority business growth opportunities, and increasing equitable growth in the aftermath of the pandemic. Qualitative benefits were identified and examined, those representing positive impacts on Center City’s recovery and the associated good civic feeling heading into springtime.

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  • Economic Impact Analysis

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