Assessing the Feasibility of a Shared Food Manufacturing Facility in Hawai’i

Over the summer of 2015, Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) conducted a study that assessed the feasibility of a shared food manufacturing facility in urban Honolulu on land managed by the Commercial Real Estate Division (CRED) of Kamehameha Schools.

Econsult Solutions worked with a diverse team of specialists, committed to social impact in their respective fields. The team included community developers with a focus on underserved communities, social scientists who focus on Hawai’ian business development, national experts in shared food facilities, and economists.

ESI team members sought to understand the food manufacturing ecosystem on O‘ahu and the potential regions within which the shared food manufacturing facility would operate. Second, we assessed market demand to determine how to position the facility and its users for success.

ESI team members conducted several one-on-one interviews with stakeholders across the entire food industry on O‘ahu. At the same time, a quantitative data analysis was performed, corroborating and adding to the findings from the interviews.

To align with Kamehameha Schools’ mission and strategic plan, the shared food manufacturing facility needs to maximize economic and social impact. Being built around a set of shared values, including education, will be just as important as the operational focus on shared functions and resources.

The study also finds that tenant mix at the facility matters, from maximizing the efficiency of the location and facility to maximizing the benefits to the community. The ESI team recommended a potential tenant mix based of financial, operational, and strategic feasibilities.

In a potential Phase 2 of this project, ESI team members will work with Kamehameha Schools to develop a business model and identify potential tenants.

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