Creative Economic Impact Study

Phase I Report:

Econsult Solutions, Inc. was retained by Innovation Philadelphia to conduct an economic impact analysis of the Philadelphia region’s for-profit creative economy. The study analyzed both creative industries, including all non-creative workers employed in creative industry sectors, as well as creative occupations, which included creative professionals employed in “non-creative” industry sectors.
The findings of Econsult’s research ultimately served as the foundation for Innovation Philadelphia’s Creative Footprint publication. The findings of the report were communicated to a wide range of stakeholders, including local, regional, and statewide economic development institutions and organizations. Furthermore, they were incorporated in promotions, collateral materials, and media outreach as a means of conveying the importance, magnitude, and potential of the creative industries in the Philadelphia Region’s for-profit creative economy.

Phase II Report:

As a follow up to the Phase I analysis, Econsult provided a Phase II qualitative report that built upon Phase I findings to inform Innovation Philadelphia’s Creative Economy strategy. Phase II addresses the more open-ended and complex questions of “why” we are seeing what we are, “how” we can make additional gains going forward, and “who” are the key players and institutions that must be involved in that process. Accordingly, Econsult’s research efforts included a review of the Philadelphia region, a survey of nearly 160 Creative Economy professionals, interviews with a range of industry leaders, and comparative best practices research of peer regions. Key areas explored in this analysis were collaboration among key stakeholder groups and sectors, promotion and branding of the Philadelphia region as a creative hub, and resources necessary for business formation, creative industry growth, and capacity building.

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