August 9, 2021 (Philadelphia, PA) – Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) and ThoughtLab today announced new initiatives to build on the success of their recently concluded five-year joint venture, ESI ThoughtLab.

Established in July 2016, ESI ThoughtLab provided evidence-based thought leadership to examine the latest digital, economic, and social trends and their impact on companies, industries, and cities around the world. Each organization will focus on key initiatives to reinforce their market positioning as leaders in urban research.

ThoughtLab’s expanded business strategy

As part of its new strategy, ThoughtLab will build on its ability to deliver evidence-based thought leadership on cities through a mix of multi-sponsored programs, tailored research, virtual and in-person meetings, and social media and content marketing channels. ThoughtLab has entered into alliance partnerships with other leaders in field, including Hatch Urban Solutions for global economic, industry, engineering, and infrastructure analysis; City Age, for innovative digital and in-person events; and Smart Cities World, for a world-class platform for sharing ideas on urban challenges. ThoughtLab will maintain its highly respected, annual smart city thought leadership program with the upcoming launch of its next initiative: Building a RoadMap to Smart Cities 4.0: How cities plan to achieve their future social, environmental, and economic goals.

ThoughtLab is also expanding in other parts of its business. It has extended its global network of economists, editors, and industry analysts. It has also established partnerships with Content Marketing Partners, Fintech B2B Marketing, and Digital Wealth Week to help drive content marketing and social media, as well as Ergo Editorial to provide high-quality editorial support.

“Companies need to rethink thought leadership to build demand for their products and services in today’s digital-first world,” said Lou Celi, CEO and founder of ThoughtLab. To be effective, thought leadership must be truly visionary, evidence-based, and actionable. It must be made accessible through a 360-degree blend of compelling editorial formats, analytical tools, and marketing channels. And most importantly, it requires working with the best talent across disciplines. ThoughtLab plans to take its thought leadership on cities, business, and financial markets to this higher standard of excellence.”

For more information on ThoughtLab, please visit, and connect with us on Twitter at @thoughtlabgroup.


ESI launches Center for the Future of Cities

ESI’s new thought leadership initiative, ESI Center for the Future of Cities, will bring together ESI experts in urban economics, policy, and strategy to craft new evidence-based research on the most important issues facing cities, and to provide consulting services for public- and private-sector organizations working in urban settings.

“We are eager to marshal our analytical capability and practical experience to help envision what the future of cities should be and to help make that future happen,” stated Lee Huang, ESI co-president. “We are appreciative of the five years we were able to work with ThoughtLab. It will be exciting to see how our two firms will build from that to continue to do cutting-edge thought leadership research through our respective initiatives and to work together where the opportunity arises.”

For more information on ESI Center for the Future of Cities, please visit and connect with us on Twitter at @ESIFutureCities.

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