ESI & ANBOUND Announce Official Partnership

Econsult Solutions, Inc. and ESI ThoughtLab, along with ANBOUND, a Beijing-based multinational independent think tank, have established an official partnership as of December 17, 2018.

ESI and ANBOUND are committed to providing research and consulting services to clients, expanding their horizons through in-depth international collaboration, and jointly proposing public policy recommendations and solutions for promoting high-quality economic development.

“The establishment of the partnership is a meaningful first step forward for both parties. We are very excited to dig deeper into topics that are important in the US and China. This agreement gives ESI the opportunity to learn more about the Chinese economy as well as to share our knowledge with our ANBOUND colleagues”, said ESI President & Principal, Dr. Richard Voith.

“Establishing this partnership has mutual benefits and raises the level of research for both entities”, said Mr. Chen Gong, Chief Researcher of ANBOUND.

ANBOUND is a multinational independent think tank that focuses on information research and analysis in the areas of public policy, finance, and risk. ANBOUND has provided strategic assessment, policy analysis, economic analysis, and other research and information services to governments, top 500 companies, and financial institutions in Mainland China.


About Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI)

ESI is a Philadelphia-based economic consulting firm. It provides businesses and public policy makers with economic consulting services in urban economics, real estate economics, transportation, public infrastructure, economic development, public policy and finance, community and neighborhood development, and planning, as well as expert witness services in support of litigation.

About ESI ThoughtLab
ESI ThoughtLab is the thought leadership arm of Econsult Solutions Inc., a leading economic consultancy. The innovative think tank offers fresh ideas and evidence-based analysis to help business and government leaders understand and respond to economic, industry and technological shifts around the world.
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