Econsult Solutions, Inc. is now a registered small business and is excited to continue to partner with federal agencies and federal contractors.

Econsult Solutions, Inc. (ESI) is now a U.S. Small Business Administration registered business and the firm is ready to work with the federal government. In keeping with the mandate of Section 15(g) of the Small Business Act, SBA’s Office of Government Contracting sets goals with other federal departments and agencies to reach the statutory goal of 23 percent in prime contract dollars to small businesses. In addition to working on federal contracts, ESI is a member of the Small Business Association for International Companies (SBAIC). Being a member of the SBAIC will develop ESI’s capability to conduct international business.

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Corporate Capabilities

Econsult Solutions Inc. provides businesses and public policy makers with economic consulting services in urban economics, real estate economics, transportation, public infrastructure, development, public policy and finance, community and neighborhood development and planning, as well as expert witness services for litigation support in over 40 industries.

Our firm has the capability to engage in projects of any size, from comprehensive long-term studies involving complicated economic arguments and extensive data analysis to short-term advisory support. Whether working independently or on joint-venture projects, our flexibility and customized approach allow us to respond to a vast range of client needs.

Our economists and experts have served  at a number of government agencies in leadership positions such as financial advisors, municipal recovery officers, county commissioners, city budget and finance directors, chiefs of staff, commerce directors, planners and township or county managers.


By The Numbers


> 541370 — Surveying and Mapping (except Geophysical) Services
> 541611 — Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
> 541618 — Other Management Consulting Services
> 541690 — Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
> 541720 — Research and Development in the Social Sciences and Humanities
> 541990 — All Other Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

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